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Rampant Rats in Radstock

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 9:01 PM
Moles aplenty on the Mendips
Have neglected lately to post any recent "Pest Adventures" as Barron Pest Control strived through the Winter and early Spring to combat what seemed like a never ending supply of moles and rats.
 With the very welcome Spring sunshine and no rain now for several weeks the torrent of mole jobs appears to have dried up for now, soon to be replaced by calls for "wasps" which are really either Tree Bumble Bees or Masonary Bees.
Rampant Rats Radstock Rats were in abundance through the Winter and we had several calls to litters of youngsters in December, helped, no doubt, by the unusually mild weather. Infestations of rats can usually be quickly and safely dealt with by using anti-coagulant baits but I often set Fenn traps as well as a kind of "belt & braces" approach and if rats are caught in the traps then I have carcasses to present to the clients. The specimen pictured was caught in a garden near Radstock, it measured eighteen and a half inches or 47cm nose to tail and was one of several "big buggers" taken over the winter. I photographed it alongside one it's normal sized brethren just to get an idea of how big it actually was.
Weasel caught in a mole trap With moles they don't seem to vary much in size, the males are usually slightly bigger than the females and the "Mendip Moles", I think, are a bit on the scrawny side compared to ones from, say, more fertile ground towards the Levels or Wiltshire. I did have one "friendly fire" incident mole trapping recently when I pulled a sprung trap from the ground, expecting a mole, only to find I'd caught a weasel, unfortunately it was stone dead and I had no chance of reviving it like I was able to do with one last summer.
 With the transition from Spring to Summer the emphasis will change from mainly mammal pests to mainly insect ones, most of them buzz, bite or sting with varying degrees of ferocity and if we get a nice long Summer there's sure to be lots them about. 

Categories: Spring Pest Control (moles etc)