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Posted on January 25, 2013 at 5:23 PM
 Last week, before the blizzard, I had been busy with problem moles, mainly in client's gardens but one lot in a graveyard and another lot in some pasture land, the snow fell and within a few hours all my traps and markers were buried under a 6" blanket of snow which has been added to through the week. I have been unable to check the traps for over a week now but hopefully with the insulating blanket of snow over the ground the moles will have been busy near the surface and I'll have a few to pick up this week when the thaw finally comes.
Rabbit tracks in the snow. The good thing about the covering of snow was that it made it easy to see tracks of any pest species visiting gardens, chicken coops, compost bins etc. The star shaped footprints of rats are easily spotted going through the wire of a hen coop with snowy ground, as are the tracks made by rabbits, foxes and any other nocturnal visitors which we may not usually be aware of.
Bella  The fall of snow and freezing conditions made it difficult for everyday pest activities such as mole trapping and the checking of bait boxes but it was ideal to get out and sort out a few rabbits with the ferrets. Any doe rabbits removed at this time of year will obviously be prevented from breeding, thereby stopping the production of three or four litters of up to five or six youngsters in each later in the year... a definite case of "a stitch in time saves nine" as my Mum used to say.
Ferrets, rabbits and  Next week should see the thaw and I should have a full compliment of mole traps in the ground in an attempt to apprehend as many moles as possible before they manage to come together and multiply. 

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